[torqueusers] Run a job in foreground mode ?

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Tue Aug 2 09:13:02 MDT 2005

> Is there a simple way to run a batch job in "foreground mode" ?
> for example, an option to "qsub" that makes it waiting for the job to
> complete before exiting.
> I'd prefer a blocking mecanism, so I could launch everything in a raw.
This doesn't exactly make sense, does it? A queue system is an "submit and
get output later"-thing, will you agree? :) The focus clearly lies on thruput.

The order of the jobs is futhermore not guarantied (and shouldn't) because
the scheduler chooses the best job next, according to your settings.

If you want to submit jobs in a strict order (in a row), then just use
depends= and have a depend-hierarchie.


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