[torqueusers] Run a job in foreground mode ?

Mathieu OUDART mathieu.oudart at osiatis.cnes.fr
Tue Aug 2 01:34:22 MDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm actually testing Torque on a Linux cluster and I have a question to 
submit you :

Is there a simple way to run a batch job in "foreground mode" ?

for example, an option to "qsub" that makes it waiting for the job to 
complete before exiting.

It would be useful for some scripts that launch batchs and other 
sequential opérations.

I saw the extended attributes for qsub (-W depend=...) but it only 
synchronizes jobs between them.

I'd prefer a blocking mecanism, so I could launch everything in a raw.


Mathieu OUDART

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