[torqueusers] Question on suspending a job

Fedele Stabile fedele at fis.unical.it
Thu Apr 21 04:05:25 MDT 2005

I'm running torque-1.2.0p2 e maui-3.2.6p11 and i have patched
torque with the Benward Platz req_signal.c as suggested to release
resources when a job is suspended.
BUT, i can't suspend my job directly by qsig -s suspend command:
first i need to give mjobctl -s then qsig -s suspend
That's ok, i need to ask to scheduler (maui) and resource
manager(torque) to suspend the job.
But when i try to configure maui to use preemption it doesn't work
because job is suspended by maui, not by torque .
Can i have help?
Thank you

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