[torqueusers] Changing the Location of Interim STDOUT/STDERR with Torque

Randy Philipp randy at umbc.edu
Fri Apr 15 09:31:04 MDT 2005

I have recently upgraded a cluster to use Oscar 4 using Maui and Torque.
I would like to know if there is a patch to change the location of the
Standard out and Standard error files to the home directory of the user
running the job (the interim files).  These file are currently being
created in /var/spool/pbs/spool on the control node fo rthe MPI jobs.  I
was previously running OpenPBS which had this behavior and my users got
use to this behavior.  I am using Torque 1.0.1p5, I am not sure I want to
upgrade all the way to 1.2 yet.

Randy Philipp

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