[torqueusers] solved: Disappearing Nodes, "im_eof, Premature end" error

Alejandro alejandro.hurtado at ciemat.es
Wed Apr 13 07:20:01 MDT 2005

The "pbs_mom;Svr;pbs_mom;im_eof, Premature end of..." error is very
frecuently in this list. I was one of them. 
If you have a firewall, contact or read other messages in this list that
refer it like a possible cause, But if not, or if you are sure that your
firewall still configure with the needed ports open, then read that:
I have a experimental cluster, with not firewall enable, and I was
having this error, and my nodes dissapear from list, pbsnodes -l report
nothing, and pbsnodes -a report everything OK, with momclt -d 4 -h
<node> all sem well, and only have the refer error on the mom_log.
The solution: Just a right configured mom_priv/config in each mom
for example in 1(mom-serv-sched) named s1 and 1(mom) named s2
s1 at root#cat {PBS_HOME}/mom_priv/config
$logevent   255
$usecp *:/share /share    			#(i.e.)
s2 at root#cat {PBS_HOME}/mom_priv/config
$clienthost     s2				#(not necessary)
$clienthost     s1
$logevent       255
$usecp          *:/share /share
of course if just a very simple example. but I think that could help

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