[torqueusers] submit filter

Glen Beane beaneg at umcs.maine.edu
Mon Apr 4 07:14:12 MDT 2005

Understood.  It is worth noting in the last 2+ years we've been using  
this custom accounting system we haven't had anyone circumvent it (or  
attempt to do so).  We do have checks in the prologue that will reject  
the job if it was submitted with an 'unrwapped' qsub.  I do know of one  
other way to cheat the system (which I am working on fixing),  but it  
is fairly obscure and I don't see it being an issue with any of my  
current users.

On Apr 4, 2005, at 1:04 AM, David Singleton wrote:

> The problem with doing anything at the client (qsub) end is that
> there is a readily available well-defined API for circumventing
> any such rejections.  Rejections (and just about anything else
> a user wont like such as extra resource limits) have to come from
> the server to be inescapable.
> David
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