[torqueusers] "qsub -N" modification?

Ed Stonehouse edst at kelman.com
Tue Sep 28 13:21:44 MDT 2004

I am looking to alter the naming conventions used for the "-N" tag.

Our users generally submit a "card deck" through an in house submission 
binary, that wraps a script around the job in a temporary file, then submits 
the job with some standard qsub options. The "-N" option submits the new 
script, with the original card deck name.

However, most of our jobdecks begin with a numeric character. A long time ago, 
prior to my arrival, an actual developer hacked a fix around this in 
OpenPBS_2_3_12. I do not have access to that particular code, and would 
like to move to torque as our cluster sizes grow every day.

Any/all suggestions are extremely welcome.....

Ed Stonehouse
UNIX Desktop Support
Kelman Technologies Inc.

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