[torqueusers] OS X problems with $usecp

Glen Beane beaneg at umcs.maine.edu
Tue Sep 7 19:32:39 MDT 2004

I have user home directories mounted from a different NFS server than 
the pbs_server machine (however, the home directory will soon be part of 
a SAN and directly attached via fibre channel)

anyway with the current setup I can get jobs to start, but I can't get 
the spool files to get copied back properly:

with the current setup,

the pbs_server is called bender (pbs_servername is 
the nfs server is called calculon

On bender and the compute nodes the user's home directory is in:

pbs_mom would try to copy to 

I have a lot of experience with torque/PBS Pro on Linux, so obviously I 
knew to use the $usecp command in the config file for pbs_mom.

If I tried
$usecp bender.bender.clusters.umaine.edu:/Network/Servers/calculon/Volume
s/Home /private/var/automount/Network/Servers/calculon/Vomumes/Home then 
pbs_mom's log file would look like this when reading the config file:

09/07/2004 17:43:27;0002; 
s/Home /private/var/automount/Network/Servers/
09/07/2004 17:43:27;0080;   pbs_mom;n/a;add_static;config[6] add name 
calculon value /Volumes/Home

I figured the $usecp line was too long, so I symliked /home to the 
automount point mentioned above. This gave me the following output:

09/07/2004 17:54:08;0002; 
s/Home /home

Looks good so far, but when I run a job I get this error:

09/07/2004 17:56:08;0004;   pbs_mom;Fil;30.bender.b.OU;Unable to copy 
file 30.bender.b.OU to bender.bender.clusters.umaine.edu

It should be copying the file to /home, so I don't know why pbs_mom 
lists bender.bender.clusters.umaine.edu as the destination file 
(lookedup where this particular error is printed in requests.c, but I'm 
not exactly sure why this usecp command isn't working correctly...


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