[torqueusers] Re: torque-1.1.0.p1 OS X

David.Osguthorpe at UCHSC.EDU David.Osguthorpe at UCHSC.EDU
Fri Sep 3 11:09:03 MDT 2004

On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 09:13:13AM -0600, Wightman wrote:
> We are running OS X Server 10.3.5 with the latest xtools package 1.5 and
> the latest version of TORQUE (latest snapshot and all).  We are not
> having any problems getting TORQUE and Moab to run right out of the box
> with 0 alterations.  We have queues set up with jobs running through
> them.  We have also done some traces on chk_file_sec and are not
> noticing any strange behavior.
> Is there any more information you could give as to how you set up TORQUE
> (configure options) and what the environment is that may help?
> Thanks,
> > the first call toe chk_file_sec seems to recurse infinitely until it
> > runs out of memory.  If I comment out the all the calls to chk_file_sec,
> > pbs_server starts up OK.
> -- 
> Douglas
> Cluster Resources, INC.

I have also seen this - on exactly same OS X system version
- and tracked it down - it is a bug in chk_file_sec
which  does not properly handle the /var -> private/var root
symbolic link - if you decide to load
the variable config files and spool files for PBS in /var/spool
 - specifically in my case /var/spool/PBS  (at least thats I was doing)



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