[torqueusers] Re: torque-1.1.0.p1 OS X

Wightman wightman at clusterresources.com
Fri Sep 3 09:13:13 MDT 2004

We are running OS X Server 10.3.5 with the latest xtools package 1.5 and
the latest version of TORQUE (latest snapshot and all).  We are not
having any problems getting TORQUE and Moab to run right out of the box
with 0 alterations.  We have queues set up with jobs running through
them.  We have also done some traces on chk_file_sec and are not
noticing any strange behavior.

Is there any more information you could give as to how you set up TORQUE
(configure options) and what the environment is that may help?


> the first call toe chk_file_sec seems to recurse infinitely until it
> runs out of memory.  If I comment out the all the calls to chk_file_sec,
> pbs_server starts up OK.
Cluster Resources, INC.

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