[torqueusers] May i ask a simple question?

Leandro Tavares Carneiro leandro at ep.petrobras.com.br
Wed Oct 27 06:41:36 MDT 2004


	Anyone knows a way to change the server name? I'm asking that because 
my servers are using as name the full qualified domain name, and it 
generates a big PBS_JOBID.

	I can change /etc/hosts and remove the FQDN from it, but if maybe 
anyone knows a better or more clean way to do that....

Thanks in advance for any help,


Leandro Tavares Carneiro
Petrobras TI/TI-E&P/STEP Suporte Tecnico de E&P
Av Chile, 65 sala 1501 EDISE - Rio de Janeiro / RJ
Tel: (0xx21) 2534-1427

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