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Josh Lauricha laurichj at bioinfo.ucr.edu
Thu Oct 14 21:38:18 MDT 2004

This isn't quite a Torque question, but I ran into using torque so I
thought I'd ask here.

I have a 32 node cluster. From the head node, I have no problem starting
a pvm using all 32 nodes. However, from any of the nodes a few nodes
will fail to start the pvmd (the only error message is that getenv(HOME)
failed, and they are using / as the home directory). However, if I wait
a couple seconds then try to add them again it will work. So if I do
something like:

echo add `cat nodes` | pvm | grep "Can't start pvmd" | cut -b19-24 > xxx
sleep 5
echo add `cat xxx` | pvm | grep "Can't start pvmd" | cut -b19-24 > xxx
sleep 5

After a few times through it it works out fine. Of course, thats just a
nasty hack.

While I'm at it, has anyone written a wrapper to use pbsdsh as a PVM
replacement, rather than actually having rsh installed?


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