[torqueusers] How do I ask an intelligent question?

Michael Wheatley michaelgw at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 06:55:05 MDT 2004

I hate asking this type of question as I have little information to go
on.  As a result my question will now be "how do I troubleshoot so I
can work out whats going on?"

I have set up a pbs server on a debian 3 machine with one slave node
at the moment.  NFS works fine and /home is mapped without trouble. 
pbsnodes -a will eventually (initially when I start daemons running it
says state unknown, is this normal?) show the state of the only node
as 'up'.

Now when I try and run a job echo 'sleep 10'| qsub -l n=1 the job gets
on the qstat without trouble.  However the job never runs (leaves the

Both machines can see each other and the /etc/hosts resolves the
network addresses without drama.

Obviously I have made a newbie mistake, but which one.  How do I delve
into the guts to solve my own problem?

Thanks all


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