[torqueusers] qsub -larch=linux strange behavior

Wightman wightman at supercluster.org
Mon Oct 11 09:53:37 MDT 2004

As you noticed, the c scheduler does not enforce arch (and several other
attributes).  As far as we know the only enforcement is with node
features.  You could specify architecture manually in the nodes file for
each node.

The other option is to use Maui (freely available) or Moab as your
scheduler.  Both will enforce the arch request (as well as almost all
other attributes).

On Mon, 2004-10-11 at 03:10, cyrille martin wrote: 
> Hi
> If I understand the administrator's guide, it's possible to use one 
> pbs_server on several types of nodes, e.g. Linux, Freebsd or else.
> I would like to create one queue for each type of architecture used in 
> my cluster.
> I would like to specify a resource like arch = linux or similar in a 
> qsub request or in a routing queue
> I only have one node on my test platform, when I run :
> qsub -I -larch=linux , I obtain one node, and since my client host is a 
> linux, everything is OK.
> but after if submitting :
> qsub -I -larch=Irix, I obtain the same node (with a Linux architecture)
> pbsnodes -a shown : arch=linux
> pbs server uses the default fifo c scheduler
> torque version : 1.1.0p0 and 1.1.0p2
> Looking at the source, I understand that the scheduler only decides 
> which job should be started.
> The allocation of one node is done by the server, if I am right, this is 
> done in the function set_nodes which calls the function node_spec to 
> find eligible nodes. I have not found where the resources like arch, 
> mem, etc... are checked (the search subfunction only looks for nodes 
> responding to properties specified in server node files descriptions)
> I don't understand, can anybody help me?
> Cyrille Martin
> Bull sa
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