[torqueusers] qsub -larch=linux strange behavior

cyrille martin cyrille.martin at ext.bull.net
Mon Oct 11 03:10:43 MDT 2004


If I understand the administrator's guide, it's possible to use one 
pbs_server on several types of nodes, e.g. Linux, Freebsd or else.
I would like to create one queue for each type of architecture used in 
my cluster.

I would like to specify a resource like arch = linux or similar in a 
qsub request or in a routing queue

I only have one node on my test platform, when I run :
qsub -I -larch=linux , I obtain one node, and since my client host is a 
linux, everything is OK.
but after if submitting :
qsub -I -larch=Irix, I obtain the same node (with a Linux architecture)

pbsnodes -a shown : arch=linux

pbs server uses the default fifo c scheduler
torque version : 1.1.0p0 and 1.1.0p2

Looking at the source, I understand that the scheduler only decides 
which job should be started.
The allocation of one node is done by the server, if I am right, this is 
done in the function set_nodes which calls the function node_spec to 
find eligible nodes. I have not found where the resources like arch, 
mem, etc... are checked (the search subfunction only looks for nodes 
responding to properties specified in server node files descriptions)

I don't understand, can anybody help me?

Cyrille Martin

Bull sa

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