[torqueusers] Maximum number of nodes per queue

Charland, Denis Denis.Charland at imi.cnrc-nrc.gc.ca
Tue Nov 30 08:16:06 MST 2004

Yes, but suppose that the nodes that you assigned to queue userqueue1 are all used by jobs
on queues commonqueue and userqueue2, no job will start on queue userqueue1 even if
there are free nodes available on your cluster.


From: Mr Tony Ling [mailto:tonylsp at yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2004 8:04 PM

Hi Denis,
   In order to limit the queue for numbers of nodes,
you first have to define the nodes that the particular
queue can be run on. This can be define in the "nodes"
file in PBS/TORQUE server home directory. 
    Below is some example.

nodes0001 np=2 commonqueue userqueue1
nodes0002 np=2 commonqueue userqueue1 userqueue2

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