[torqueusers] Maximum number of nodes per queue

Dave Jackson jacksond at supercluster.org
Mon Nov 29 18:54:09 MST 2004


  You will want to use 'resources_max.resource_name=value' instead of
resources_available.  The resources_available attribute is a system
derived value which indicates what is actually available (ie, the sum of
resources visible and available within the cluster).  The resources_max
attribute is an admin defined limit which limit the  resources available
to any given job.


On Mon, 2004-11-29 at 14:41, Charland, Denis wrote:
> (Formatted text)
> I'm running OpenPBS 2.3.16 on a 128 processor Beowulf cluster. I recently
> created a seperate queue for guest users and I would like to limit the number of
> nodes that can be allocated to all jobs running from this queue. To do so, I
> used the "resources_available.resource_name=value" queue attribute. For
> resource_name, I tried "nodes", "nodect", ncpus" and "neednodes" without
> success. The man pages for pbs_queue_attributes (7B) defines this attribute as
> being "The list of resource and amounts available to jobs running in this queue.
> The sum of the resources of each type used by all jobs running from this queue
> cannot exceed the total amount listed here".
> Anybody has idea what can be the problem?
> Note: Torque 1.1.0p4 behaves the same way.
> Denis Charland
> Linux Cluster Administrator
> National Research Council of Canada
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