[torqueusers] List revelant job notice

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at comcast.net
Fri Nov 19 20:25:27 MST 2004

Gentlefolk, I'm switching work from MERL (www.merl.com) to Angstrom
Microsystems (www.angstrom.com). Angstrom builds Linux superclusters, so
what I've picked up here is very useful and I'll continue to monitor the
group. But they are also hiring, looking for a few more really talented Type
A geeks who can really dive into the guts of systems and get them working.

My old workplace will also looking to replace me, probably with a talented
Linux/cross-platform geek who is perhaps not quite as experienced and
therefore cheaper than me, in order to support scientific research computing
geeks, and to help keep some clusters running.

Go hit either website for contact addresses: they may not have jobs listed,
but the openings are there.

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