[torqueusers] Altix "array" support? [Re: Memory and process limits ]

Shinya Yarimizo shinya at hawaii.edu
Fri Nov 19 19:00:20 MST 2004

Hello All-

I've just subscribed myself to the list-- asorry if this question's
been asked previously, but I couldn't find a definitive answer in the
mail list archive.

We have just set up torque on a 32P Altix at our site and started to
test-drive it, and I have to say that it's running great.  However, we
found out that memory limit is not enforced by the system (i.e., jobs
that grow beyond their requested memory size just continue to run
instead of being terminated), and would like to know if that feature
is available in the Altix port.

I poked around the mail list archives, and found the thread "Memory
and process limits" from May 2004, and understand that the ProPack
"array service" needs to be used in order to support memory limits
(please do correct me if I'm mistaken).  I am curious if there's been
further work done in this area for the Altix-- apparently, "configure"
doesn't take the "--enable-array" option on non-IRIX hosts.

Pasted below is one of the last messages from the aforementioned email
thread, by Mr. Ken Matney Sr.

By the way, I'm talking about torque-1.1.0p3 .

Thanks for your help!



> Ken Matney Sr.  kmy at ornl.gov
> Thu, 13 May 2004 11:36:39 -0400

> It is true that SGI ProPack for Linux
> contains cpuset support.  However, MEMORY_EXCLUSIVE
> support is deferred.  We (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
> use this on our Altix system.  I have been planning
> to migrate the support from OpenPBS 2.3.16 to TORQUE,
> starting next month.  On the other hand, I do not
> know if this support extends beyond the Altix systems.
> Also, I should mention that, to be most effective,
> this must be used in conjunction with boot cpusets.

> One other comment...you need array services support
> additionally to control memory limits on Altix, since
> (other than simple OpenMP/mpirun jobs) the processes
> are owned by arrayd hierarchy and not the PBS MOM heirarchy.
> This too I have done to OpenPBS 2.3.16 and plan to migrate
> at the same time as the other features.

> -- Ken Matney, Sr. (matneykdsr at ornl.gov)
>     Senior UNIX Systems Programmer
>     Oak Ridge National Laboratory
>     Center for Computational Sciences


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