[torqueusers] problems w/ mixed case domain names

Charles Edwin Webster webster at mail.chem.tamu.edu
Wed Nov 17 12:00:05 MST 2004

just a contribution to the discussion on torque
and case of the servername...

we have also had issues with case sensitivity of PBS.

in short: because the DNS returned part of the resolved
servername in uppercase, we had to changed the domain
name resolution order and use the /etc/hosts file to
ensure that the name was resolved in lowercase.

having this issue "fixed" would be nice...

our computing and information services (CIS) had this
to say:

"By convention, domain names can be stored with
arbitrary case, but domain name comparisons for
all present domain functions are done in a
case-insensitive manner, assuming an ASCII
character set, and a high order zero bit. This
means that you are free to create a node with
label "A" or a node with label "a", but not both
as brothers; you could refer to either using "a" or
"A".  I suggest you update your queuing system to
compare domain names in a case-insensitive manner.

The DNS servers are working correctly as defined by
DNS RFCs.  We (CIS) did not make a change to the
DNS data.  The servers, depending on varying
conditions, will return the parent domain or top level
domain in upper case.  The DNS servers software,
like your queuing system, is provided by an outside
party and since it is operating within the scope of
the RFCs, there is nothing for us to request be fixed.
I would suggest you contact the manufacture of your
software and request a fix.  If that is not possible,
switching to software that does not have this problem
seems to be your only alternative."


Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:

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> Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 10:15 PM
> Subject: [torqueusers] problems w/ mixed case domain names
> > Hi Everybody...
> >
> > I'm current attempting to run torque-1.1.0p5-snap.1099755743 on an RHEL
> > 3/AMD64 based system.  I might of found a bug... or maybe this is a know
> > issue.  My server name is 'falcon00.Force' but when the pbs_server starts
> > the logs say 'falcon00.force':
> DNS is case insensitive and almost always reports things in lower case.
> Never make a UNIX or DNS machine name in mixed case, it will just cause
> problems such as this.

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