[torqueusers] 'qstat -f jobID' does not show "resources_used.*"

Konstantin Skaburskas konstan at ut.ee
Tue Nov 16 09:46:54 MST 2004


I use Torque 1.1.0p4. After job submision with 'qsub' I request the job 
status by 'qstat -f jobID'. The output from qstat does show a lot of 
information about the job, but I can not see "resources_used.*" fields. 
Why is this happening? How can I turn the output of "resources_used.*" 
fields on?

Thank you in advance,

E.g., in /usr/spool/PBS/server_priv/accounting/20041117 I can see 
"resources_used.*" fields listed with appropriate values.
In mails comming from execution server "resources_used.*" are listed.

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