[torqueusers] qsub submit filter questions

Dave Jackson jacksond at supercluster.org
Mon Nov 8 04:49:32 MST 2004

  That sounds like the right way to do it.  We will add it in patch 5.


On Sun, 2004-11-07 at 16:38, Chris Samuel wrote:
> Hi folks,
> We'd love to be able to do some sanity checking of users jobs, and possibly 
> the ability to reject a job at submit time if a user asks for an account that 
> they don't belong to, but it's not clear if that's possible.
> Is the information that the user specifies on the command line made available 
> to the script ?
> Looking at the code that processes the submit filter it appears that it simply 
> creates a copy of the script, runs that through the filter program and then 
> uses the output of the filter as the new script to use.
> For our purposes it would be useful if the code checked for an explicit return 
> code that we could use to signal that the output of the submit filter is not 
> a script but is rather an error message to report to the user before exiting.
> What do you folks think ?
> cheers,
> Chris

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