[torqueusers] torque_submitfilter

Walter de Jong walter at sara.nl
Fri Nov 5 04:01:58 MST 2004


There is a problem with the torque_submitfilter.

When implementing such a filter, you must take care to output *nothing* 
when the input consists of empty lines. If the filter does produce 
something (even an empty line), "qsub -I" won't work and it'll give 
"rejected by all possible destinations".

I encountered this problem when automatically trying to add extra PBS 
directives to jobs. For example, I wanted to add

#PBS -Wgroup_list=grp1

to all jobs, but this breaks 'qsub -I' functionality.

Therefore it seems wise to use a wrapper script rather than the 
torque_submitfilter until somebody patches up this problem.


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