[torqueusers] maui FS and torque -Wgroup_list parameter

Walter de Jong walter at sara.nl
Fri Nov 5 03:49:26 MST 2004


I'm experiencing a big problem concerning groups.

We have the following setup:
- users are members of multiple unix groups
   their primary group is a subset of their secondary group
- we do maui fairshare scheduling based on certain unix groups

We want to tell maui that a user wants to be scheduled on behalf of a 
specific group.
You'd think that 'qsub -Wgroup_list=grp' would do the trick, but that 
runs the job under the group id <grp>, which is not what we want. We 
just want to give maui some extra information to do its job and run the 
job under normal conditions.

1. Can this be fixed?
2. Any workarounds or ideas on how to configure things better?

We are running torque 1.1.0p4 and maui 3.2.6p9.


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