[torqueusers] PBS Running as Root Problem

C. D. Poon cdpoon at unc.edu
Wed Dec 22 15:10:00 MST 2004

After migrating users' home directories to a NAS box and the directory 
exported as root squash, I run into the following problem.

A Blast job runs fine but at the end, it fails to copy the output files 
to one's home directory.  It appears that PBS is running as root.  Here 
is the error message from the compute node.

12/22/2004 16:44:03;0080;   pbs_mom;Job;1253.topaz.isis.unc.edu;cannot 
chdir to user home as root - running epilog in current directory
12/22/2004 16:44:03;0080;   pbs_mom;Job;1253.topaz.isis.unc.edu;Obit sent
12/22/2004 16:44:03;0100;   pbs_mom;Req;;Type CopyFiles request received 
from PBS_Server at topaz.isis.unc.edu, sock=10
12/22/2004 16:44:03;0080;   pbs_mom;Req;req_reject;Reject reply 
code=15035( MSG=), aux=0, type=54, from PBS_Server at topaz.isis.unc.edu
12/22/2004 16:44:03;0100;   pbs_mom;Req;;Type DeleteJob request received 
from PBS_Server at topaz.isis.unc.edu, sock=10

So, the output stays in the spool directory in the compute nodes.  Is it 
possible to run Torque jobs as a regular user?  If you have seen this, 
how can you fix this problem without having the NFS file system change 
to no_root_squash.  As you can imagine, setting the NAS exported file 
system to no_root_squash imposes a security risk.


Chi Poon.

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