[torqueusers] Problem with Torque with AMD Opteron and RHEL 3

Leandro Tavares Carneiro leandro at ep.petrobras.com.br
Wed Dec 8 03:16:02 MST 2004


I can see the home directory of all users, but i dont have it exported 
with no_root_squas parameter because we dont need it before, and this 
home area is served by some NetApp fillers to the users.

We have here other clusters with a much larger nodes and we never had 
this problem. The other cluster are Xeon and the OS is the old RedHat. 
This problem only happen with this Opteron/RHEL WS cluster.

Thanks for your help,


Leandro Tavares Carneiro
Petrobras TI/TI-E&P/STEP Suporte Tecnico de E&P
Av Chile, 65 sala 1501 EDISE - Rio de Janeiro / RJ
Tel: (0xx21) 2534-1427

Chris Samuel wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Dec 2004 10:18 pm, Leandro Tavares Carneiro wrote:
>>        I have checked everything in my nodes and server and is everything
>>OK. All the nodes can recognize the user id i'm using and the home
>>directory is mounting, but i still got this error.
>>Dec  7 09:04:32 node002 pbs_mom: scan_for_exiting, cannot chdir to user
>>home directory
> Are you exporting the users home directories with no_root_squash from the NFS 
> server ?
> Easiest way to check that is to login to node002 as root and then try and cd 
> to the users home directory - if you get a permission denied error this is 
> probably what's going on.
> A number of folks have reported this recently, it doesn't affect us here as 
> we're exporting with no_root_squash (we have total control over all clients 
> and server).
> The other time we've seen this is after an NFS server crash when the clients 
> have stale NFS file handles, again trying the above should tell you.
> It would be very nice if the pbs_mom reported the value of errno and its 
> sys_errlist equivalent. :-)
> cheers,
> Chris
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