[torqueusers] running jobs with stdout to terminal and stdin from a script file

Maestas, Christopher Daniel cdmaest at sandia.gov
Wed Aug 25 08:28:37 MDT 2004

I know a couple people have made the request already (I'm one of them :-).
I'll ask it again:

	Can we have the mpiexec patches into torque?  Pretty please?


On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 01:03 am, Wightman wrote:

>  So I believe the way to run a job where the output gets
> printed to stdout and the input is a file would be (If I'm wrong I hope
> someone on this list will correct me):
> qsub -I script

Unfortunately that won't work, you'll just get a shell prompt on the node 
you've been allocated and the script will be ignored. :-(


	echo script | qsub -I

won't work as it complains that:

$ echo test.sh | qsub -q sque -I
qsub:   standard input and output must be a terminal for
        interactive job submission

Is this related to the patch for the pbs_mom's that comes with mpiexec to 
enable the mpiexec process to capture the output from the moms as it appears

rather than have it redirected to the pbs_mom ?

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