[torqueusers] running jobs with stdout to terminal and stdin from a script file

Keith.Roberts at lecroy.com Keith.Roberts at lecroy.com
Tue Aug 24 15:53:11 MDT 2004

>By default, Torque will output the stdout and stderr to
><jobname>.o<random> and <jobname>.e<random> respectively.  To have the
>output actually print to stdout the job must be "Interactive."  Also,
>Torque will read any file as the last argument in a qsub command.  So I
>believe the way to run a job where the output gets printed to stdout and
>the input is a file would be:

>qsub -I script

>Pretty close to what you had.

Thanks for the response.  I may be missing something but from the qsub man
page :

       If the -I option is specified on the command line or in a script
       tive, or if the "interactive" job attribute declared true  via  the
       option,  -W interactive=true, either on the command line or in a
       directive, the job is an interactive job.  The script will be
       for  directives,  but  will not be included with the job.  When the
       begins execution, all input to the job is from the terminal session
       which qsub is running.
My reading  for -I mode is that the script (except for directives) is
ignored and you will be
using stdin for the source of commands.  That was why I had got more exotic
with the redirected inputs.
Which didn't work either.

If I exec any script with the -I mode what seems to happen is I get an
interative shell and the script commands
are not executed as per the description above.

I also tried in the script run non-interactively

#PBS -o /dev/stdout

this didn't work either.

Keith Roberts

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