[torqueusers] domain naming in Torque

Glen Beane beaneg at umcs.maine.edu
Fri Aug 20 11:11:28 MDT 2004

Try running "qmgr FQDN" or "qmgr shortname"  if you can get into qmgr,
then add manager/operator permissions to user at shortname and user at FQDN.
Then just running "qmgr" as that user should work.

On Fri, 20 Aug 2004, Daniel Widyono wrote:

> Greetings,
> 	I'm trying to set up a new cluster with Torque (first time using
> Torque).  All the systems in our school have `hostname` set to the FQDN, and
> this works well with sendmail.  With Torque, it would be nice not to have to
> use the FQDN for all job names (it's *really* a long FQDN); I'd like to use
> the short name.  However, when I set all the values
> ($PBS_SERVER_HOME/server_name, manager and operator lists, configure
> --set-default-server option, and $PBS_HOME/mom_priv/config's $clienthost
> entry) to the short name, I get a permission error message when trying to
> execute qmgr commands, etc.  When I set all those values to the FQDN, no
> errors happen.  I am recompiling and reinstalling each time I try different
> configurations, by the way.
> 	I'd appreciate any pointers, tips, hints, gotchas, or other
> assistance in figuring out how to use the short name for Torque while having
> the hostname for the system be the FQDN.
> Regards,
> Dan W.
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