[torqueusers] Create queue on timeshared nodes

Roberto Fabbretti roberto.fabbretti at isb-sib.ch
Thu Aug 19 06:30:12 MDT 2004

I would like to create a kind of express queue on timeshared nodes to be
used as a back end of a web server. 
I tried to configure the nodes file with the option 
cpt01:ts np=2
but no job is ever run on it. 
The documentation states it 

Nodes marked as timeshared will be listed by the server in a node status
report along with the other nodes.
However the server will not attempt to allocate them to jobs.The
presence of timeshared nodes in the list is solely as a convenience to
the Job Scheduler and other programs, such as xpbsmon.

But then how to set up a queue on timeshared nodes.

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