[torquedev] torque 4.1.2 login shells problem and bash -l workaround

Charles Henry chenry at ittc.ku.edu
Mon Oct 22 08:57:50 MDT 2012

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> From: "Troy Baer" <tbaer at utk.edu>
> To: "Torque Developers mailing list" <torquedev at supercluster.org>
> Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2012 9:33:21 AM
> Subject: Re: [torquedev] torque 4.1.2 login shells problem and bash -l workaround
> On Sun, 2012-10-21 at 08:45 -0500, Charles Henry wrote:
> > Please, let me know if you've had this issue with torque 4.
> > It would be helpful just to confirm that someone else shares this
> > problem in a particular version of torque 4, or for someone else to
> > tell me their installation works correctly.
> > It's very important to me and I'm currently under a time crunch to
> > get
> > things working right.  After simplifying and streamlining the
> > cluster
> > for a wider audience, I fear having to introduce ugly workarounds
> > to
> > the cluster users.
> Which job shell startup option did you configure your TORQUE install
> to
> use, --enable-shell-pipe (which is the default IIRC),
> --disable-shell-pipe, or --disable-shell-pipe
> --enable-shell-use-argv?

I had this issue when configuring none of those.  I also tried "--enable-shell-use-argv" but the symptom was the same.

> Also, if you need to prepend "#!$SHELL" to all your jobs, why not
> just
> do that in your submit filter?

Good idea--I'll keep that in mind as a fallback plan if I can't get it configured to run the login shells on all cluster jobs.

> FWIW, we just went to TORQUE 4.1.2 on our production NUMA system last
> week and have not seen anything like this AFAIK.  However, it's
> possible
> that we're not hitting the problem you're seeing either because of
> the
> job shell startup option we use (--disable-shell-pipe
> --enable-shell-use-argv) or because we already had something in our
> submit filter that works around the problem.  (Our submit filter
> always
> prepends "#!$SHELL" to job scripts, using either the argument to -S,
> a
> "#!$SHELL" line in the original script, or the user's login shell.)
> 	--Troy

Thanks for the feedback.  I'll try adding the "--disable-shell-pipe" to the configuration.


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