[torquedev] torque 4.1.2 login shells problem and bash -l workaround

Troy Baer tbaer at utk.edu
Sun Oct 21 08:33:21 MDT 2012

On Sun, 2012-10-21 at 08:45 -0500, Charles Henry wrote:
> Please, let me know if you've had this issue with torque 4.  
> It would be helpful just to confirm that someone else shares this
> problem in a particular version of torque 4, or for someone else to
> tell me their installation works correctly.  
> It's very important to me and I'm currently under a time crunch to get
> things working right.  After simplifying and streamlining the cluster
> for a wider audience, I fear having to introduce ugly workarounds to
> the cluster users.

Which job shell startup option did you configure your TORQUE install to
use, --enable-shell-pipe (which is the default IIRC),
--disable-shell-pipe, or --disable-shell-pipe --enable-shell-use-argv?

Also, if you need to prepend "#!$SHELL" to all your jobs, why not just
do that in your submit filter?

FWIW, we just went to TORQUE 4.1.2 on our production NUMA system last
week and have not seen anything like this AFAIK.  However, it's possible
that we're not hitting the problem you're seeing either because of the
job shell startup option we use (--disable-shell-pipe
--enable-shell-use-argv) or because we already had something in our
submit filter that works around the problem.  (Our submit filter always
prepends "#!$SHELL" to job scripts, using either the argument to -S, a
"#!$SHELL" line in the original script, or the user's login shell.)


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