[torquedev] Proposed Migration to GitHub

David Beer dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com
Fri Nov 30 14:54:25 MST 2012


We have been evaluating options for better coordinating our development
efforts with the community, and we're very interested in migrating the
TORQUE project to github. Github is a website for hosting open source
projects and coordinating efforts in the open source community. Feel free
to look around and check what the website offers - its essentially an
integration of hosting the project and tracking the issues in the project,
along with many 'social' tools designed to help coordinate efforts, such as
following a developer or a project.

The big caveat to this is that changing to github would discontinue use of
subversion and switch us to git. (FYI: Discontinue means no new check-ins,
not downing the server) There are many websites that document the
advantages of using git vs. using subversion, but for those that are
unfamiliar with it there aren't always 1-to-1 switches for commands.
However, for the most common things that our community members do -
checking out and creating diffs - it works pretty much the same way.

What are your thoughts on this switch? We believe that this switch will
greatly benefit the community.

David Beer | Senior Software Engineer
Adaptive Computing
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