[torquedev] TORQUE 3.0.5 available

Ken Nielson knielson at adaptivecomputing.com
Fri May 4 11:50:25 MDT 2012

Hi all,

TORQUE 3.0.5 is now available for general use.

There were no new features added to TORQUE 3.0.5. Below is the content of
the CHANGELOG for 3.0.5.

TORQUE 3.0.x is recommended for sites using NUMA systems similar to SGI's
Ultra-violet. The same functionality is now also available in TORQUE 4.0.1
which we recommend for everyone.


Ken Nielson
Adaptive Computing

3.0.5 Change log

 b - fix for writing too much data when job_script is saved to job log.
  b - fix for where pbs_mom would not automatically set gpu mode.
  b - fix for alligning qstat -r output when configured with -DTXT.
  e - Change size of transfer block used on job rerun from 4k to 64k.
  b - With nvidia gpus, TORQUE was losing the directive of what nodes it
      run the job on from Moab. Corrected.
  e - add the $PBS_WALLTIME variable to jobs, thanks to a patch from Mark
  n - change moab_array_compatible server parameter so it defaults to true
  b - fix so comma separated file list can be used with qsub -W
      Matches qsub documentation again. (backported from 4.0.1)
  e - change to allow pbs_mom to run if configured with
--enable-nvidia-gpus but
      installed on a node without Nvidia gpus.
  b - fix for where pbsnodes displays outdated gpu_status information.
  b - Fixed a problem where starting pbs_mom with the default -p option
would delete
      running jobs instead of trying to recover them if cpusets were
enabled. TRQ-828
      Fixes Bugzilla 174.
  b - Added a check for a NULL job pointer in modify_job. This fixes TRQ-818
  b - fix problem with '+ and segfault when using multiple node gpu
      (backported from 4.0.1)
  b - fix problem with mom segfault when using 8 or more gpus on mom node.
      (backported from 4.0.1)
  b - Fixed a bug for NUMA cpusets where Nodes were being underallocated
for the job.
  b - Fixed a problem with cpusets where if a boot cpuset is present under
      torque would only write out 1024 cpus. This was changed from a
      value to be the maximum size found in /dev/cpuset/cpus. TRQ-840
  b - Fix so child pbs_mom does not remain running after qdel on slow
starting job.
      TRQ-860. (backported from 4.0.1)
  b - Fix so pbs_mom won't segfault after a qdel is done for a job that is
      running the prologue. TRQ-832. (backported from 4.0.1)
  b - Fixed yet another case where procct would get promoted to Moab
causing jobs
      to never be run. Added remove_procct to ROUTE_PERM_FAILURE case in
  b - Fix so qrun jobid[] does not cause pbs_server segfault. TRQ-865.
(backported from 4.0.2)
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