[torquedev] [torqueusers] TORQUE 4.0 Officially Announced

Craig West cwest at vpac.org
Sun Mar 18 23:40:14 MDT 2012

Hi Steven,

I have just begun testing Torque 4.0, as hwloc has been a long awaited 
feature for me.

> It is unclear from this announcement text where hwloc has to be installed.
> Is it just on the server or on the nodes only?

It needs to be available on the BUILD server and the nodes. I tried to 
run pbs_mom on a node without the hwloc I had installed and it failed.

Note: I am running hwloc 1.4 from a directory in /usr/local
This was not automatically found by the TORQUE configure script, but you 
can specify the location using HWLOC_CFLAGS & HWLOC_LIBS.
It embeds the locations that you specify in the pbs_mom (and other 
files) but it seems you can set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable if it is 
not in the same location on the BUILD server as the compute nodes.
For simplicity installing them in the same location makes sense.

> More documentation about this would be greatly appreciated.

I agree, clearer and more detailed documentation would be useful.


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