[torquedev] Trying to track down the commit that fixes support case #15033

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Thu Jul 26 18:39:54 MDT 2012

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Hi folks,

We found a bug that we initially thought was in Moab where when we
qalter'd a job to extend its walltime showq would never update its
idea of the new walltime (though checkjob, etc, would).

We reported this to the Moab support folks who replicated it on Torque
2.5 (we're still on 2.4) and the support folks then reported that:

# I did some further testing on this with TORQUE 2.5 and was able to
# reproduce the issue. I have spoken to the development team and a fix
# has already been added to TORQUE 4.1 to address this.

The support folks confirmed that this fixed their issue, but I have
not been able to find out what the actual commit that made this fix
was. :-(

I can't find any reference to showq, walltime or 15033 in the
4.1-fixes log messages. The reason I'm looking is that I want to try
and backport this fix into 2.4 which we are using.

Any ideas folks?

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