[torquedev] [Bug 139] Negative value in 'Que' when using qstat

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--- Comment #4 from Victor Gregorio <vgregorio at penguincomputing.com> 2012-02-23 11:33:49 MST ---

Hello, I am also seeing this problem with 2.5.10.  In our case, not only is a
negative number listed in Que, but 2 non-existent jobs are listed in Run.  I am
not sure if these two issues are related, though.

qstat as a privileged user lists zero jobs, but qstat -q shows:

Queue            Memory CPU Time Walltime Node  Run Que Lm  State
---------------- ------ -------- -------- ----  --- --- --  -----
batch              --      --       --      --    2  -4 --   E R
                                               ----- -----
                                                   2    -4

And qmgr -c 'list server' | grep state_count shows:

state_count = Transit:0 Queued:0 Held:-4 Waiting:0 Running:2 Exiting:0 

The only way to clear these erroneous numbers is to restart pbs_server.

Has this issue been resolved in 3.0.4 or 4.0.0?

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