[torquedev] [Bug 206] Nodes start with state FREE when starting pbs_server

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Mon Aug 6 22:52:19 MDT 2012


--- Comment #1 from Craig West <cwest at vpac.org> 2012-08-06 22:52:19 MDT ---

After looking through the code I believe I have found some useful information.

The file affected is server/node_manager.c
It appears to have happened around r4798 or r4799, but I can't be sure.
For simplicity I will attach a patch for "my" fix, which has not been
extensively tested.

  ** The only state that carries forward is if the
  ** node has been marked offline.

  while ((np = next_host(&allnodes,&iter,NULL)) != NULL)
    if (!(np->nd_state & INUSE_OFFLINE))
      fprintf(nstatef, fmt, np->nd_name, np->nd_state & savemask);

If I remove the "!" on the line with "np->nd_state" it seems to work, and it
follows the statement above the code block now. 

As stated in my previous description of the problem the earlier versions of
Torque put a "1" in the server_priv/node_state file for nodes that ARE offline.
The current code puts a "0" if the node is NOT offline. If the node is not in
the server_priv/node_state file then problem doesn't appear.


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