[torquedev] possible bug in qstat -f

Pablo Fernandez pablo.fernandez at cscs.ch
Mon Sep 19 03:19:57 MDT 2011


> > So, if you take a look closely, the "comment=" line finishes with two
> > returns, where all the other fields finish with one. So, this means any
> > parser that expects a blank line to separate two jobs, will fail.
> I don't see that here (2.4.16), looking at one of our
> jobs with a comment set by Moab 6.1.1 in a hex editor
> only shows one new line character (0A).
> Could it be that your Moab is setting a comment with
> an extra new line at the end ?

I guess it could be... I have just upgraded to Moab 6.1.2, and the comments 
are still there, with the extra CR, but maybe they are old comments that 
torque keeps. I will have to wait for new comments, I guess.

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