[torquedev] Autoconf and TORQUE

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Thu Sep 1 16:30:30 MDT 2011

On Thursday, 01 September 2011, at 10:22:10 (-0600),
Ken Nielson wrote:

> The system we use to build TORQUE uses autoconf version 2.59 and
> automake 1.9.2.
> The version of autoconf and automake do not matter to TORQUE 3.0.x
> but it does make a difference with 2.4.x and 2.5.x because we
> deliver the Makefile.in files with the build.
> My question is, does anyone depend on TORQUE building with autoconf
> 2.59 or automake 1.9.2? Can we upgrade to newer versions?

Anyone can regenerate those files at any time by re-running autoconf,
automake, etc.

Unless you actually use macros which don't exist in the older
versions, it shouldn't matter at all.  Just don't let the upgrading of
your local build tools tempt you to use the more modern (and thus not
backward compatible) macros.  :)


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