[torquedev] [Bug 161] New: pbs_server, init.d hangs when creating serverdb.

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Sat Oct 8 16:06:22 MDT 2011


           Summary: pbs_server, init.d hangs when creating serverdb.
           Product: TORQUE
           Version: 3.0.x
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P5
         Component: pbs_server
        AssignedTo: dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com
        ReportedBy: steve.traylen at cern.ch
                CC: torquedev at supercluster.org
   Estimated Hours: 0.0



steps to reproduce

1. /etc/init.d/pbs_server stop
2. rm -f /var/torque/server_priv/serverdb 
3. /etc/init.d/pbs_server start

The init.d script is left in  a "sleep 1" loop 

$PBS_DAEMON -d $PBS_HOME -t create &
    while [ ! -r $PBS_SERVERDB ]; do
        sleep 1
    killproc pbs_server

in particular the serverdb is never actually written to disk until
the pbs_server is killed so the loop lasts forever.

Better would be if the pbs_server could close the filehandle on
the serverdb or something.

Following on from the comments in the mail thread, the init.d script
should either be successful or if the serverdb file fails then
the init.d script should just fail with a message and return code
of 5 telling you what to do.... As a trivial fix changing the above
code to:

   $PBS_DAEMON -d $PBS_HOME -t create &
   sleep 5
   killproc pbs_server

does the job but will not handle an error case very well.



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