[torquedev] [Bug 116] enable routing depending on number of requested processors

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--- Comment #2 from Martin Siegert <siegert at sfu.ca> 2011-03-10 12:56:53 MST ---
procct is not the same as procs, in fact its main purpose is to handle nodes
requests correctly, which is currently not possible, e.g., consider requests of
the form b1:ppn=12+4:ppn=4 which results in procct to be set to 12+16=28. Also,
when setting
torque uses strcmp to decide whether the min setting for the queue is larger
than the job request. That works as long as you have nodes with up to 9 cores.
If you have more than that, strcmp causes problems, e.g.,
1:ppn=1 < 1:ppn=12 < 1:ppn=2
Instead of changing the rs_comp function for the nodes resource this patch now
introduces the procct resource, which has the additional advantage that it does
handle the procs resource and combinations of nodes and procs resources as

(and if bug 67 ever gets implemented I am sure that procct can be adapted to
simply use total_resources. However, I cannot wait for that: we will receive 12
core nodes in a few weeks and I need to be able to route serial jobs reliably
to their own queue - q1 in the example).

- Martin

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