[torquedev] [Bug 142] pbs_server hangs trying to check spurious pbs server from depend=afterok line

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Thu Jun 30 14:48:31 MDT 2011


--- Comment #4 from Chandler Wilkerson <chwilk at rice.edu> 2011-06-30 14:48:31 MDT ---
qsub -W depend=afterok:15606 /users/user1/MEME/wz16_6-30-2011.pbs

This failed normally, then the user got creative, and changed it to:

qsub -W depend=afterok:16432.user2.rice.edu

Note that our cluster head is biouman.rcsg.rice.edu and that user2.rice.edu by
some cosmic joke/coincidence, happens to be a resolvable hostname in our
campus, named after the user whose job user1 was trying to piggyback on in a
misguided attempt to make his job run sooner.

Our original example used 81223.cluster.rice.edu, which user1 had cut and
pasted, resulting in the first crash (cluster.rice.edu was meant as a <insert
cluster name here>.rice.edu, but, by the same cosmic coincidence, is a
resolvable host name on campus.

user1 and user2 uids have been changed to protect the innocent in case this
bugzilla is googled.

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