[torquedev] TORQUE 3.0.2 release candidate

Ken Nielson knielson at adaptivecomputing.com
Tue Jun 14 08:44:52 MDT 2011


There seems to be a pattern with this. Would you please log a bug in bugzilla so we can track this?



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Subject: Re: [torquedev] TORQUE 3.0.2 release candidate

> There is a new release candidate for TORQUE 3.0.2.
> This version of TORQUE includes all of the bug fixes and enhancements that
> went into TORQUE 2.5.6. It also has a new qsub option -F which allows
> users to pass an argument list to a script.
> Some of the enhancements included in this build from 2.5.6 are NVIDIA
> GPGPU support, fix for buffer overflow security risk, the job_starter and
> rpp_throttle configuration options for the MOM and the new queue resource
> limiter procct.
> Please download this snapshot and let us know if you find any problems.
> http://www.clusterresources.com/downloads/torque/snapshots/torque-3.0.2-
> snap.201106081605.tar.gz
> Regards
> Ken Nielson

Hi Ken,

I set a few managers in this version then when I tried to remove one with 'set server managers -= ...' all were deleted.  I suspect it applies to all current branches.

-- Gareth
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