[torquedev] TORQUE 4.0 Is Officially Beta-Testing

Chris Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Thu Dec 22 20:39:26 MST 2011

On Fri, 23 Dec 2011 02:27:52 PM Chris Samuel wrote:

> In trunk there's a file README.new_in_4.0 which doesn't appear to
> be in that tarball for some reason

Also missing are:


and quite a few others, I've attached a diff for the files that are 
only in the trunk or only in the tarball (excluding the obvious 
autoconf/svn ones of course).

   Christopher Samuel - Senior Systems Administrator
 VLSCI - Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative
 Email: samuel at unimelb.edu.au Phone: +61 (0)3 903 55545
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Only in torque-4.0.0-snap.26656snapstamp: aclocal.m4
Only in trunk: autogen.sh
Only in trunk/buildutils: ax_prog_gperf.m4
Only in torque-4.0.0-snap.26656snapstamp/buildutils: config.guess
Only in torque-4.0.0-snap.26656snapstamp/buildutils: config.sub
Only in torque-4.0.0-snap.26656snapstamp/buildutils: depcomp
Only in torque-4.0.0-snap.26656snapstamp/buildutils: install-sh
Only in torque-4.0.0-snap.26656snapstamp/buildutils: ltmain.sh
Only in torque-4.0.0-snap.26656snapstamp/buildutils: missing
Only in trunk/buildutils: torque.spec.dist.in
Only in torque-4.0.0-snap.26656snapstamp/buildutils: ylwrap
Only in torque-4.0.0-snap.26656snapstamp: configure
Only in trunk/contrib: hwloc_install.sh
Only in trunk/contrib: modulefiles
Only in trunk/contrib: mom_gencfg
Only in trunk: cov_file_results.pl
Only in trunk: Doxyfile
Only in trunk: parse_cov_results.pl
Only in trunk: PBS_License.txt
Only in trunk: README.coding_notes
Only in trunk: README.new_in_4.0
Only in trunk: README.NUMA
Only in trunk: README.trqauthd
Only in trunk: run_report.pl
Only in trunk/src/cmds: MXML.h
Only in torque-4.0.0-snap.26656snapstamp/src/cmds: nqs2pbs
Only in trunk/src/cmds: pbsdsh.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: pbspd.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: pbspoe.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: pbs_track.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qalter.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qchkpt.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qdel.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qdisable.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qenable.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qgpumode.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qgpureset.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qhold.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qmgr_functions.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qmove.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qmsg.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qorder.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qrerun.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qrls.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qrun.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qselect.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qsig.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qstart.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qstat.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qstop.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: qterm.h
Only in trunk/src/cmds: test
Only in trunk/src/daemon_client: test
Only in trunk/src/drmaa/src: config.h.in
Only in trunk/src: iff
Only in torque-4.0.0-snap.26656snapstamp/src/include: pbs_config.h.in
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_atomic.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_acl.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_arst.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_b.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_c.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_hold.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_intr.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_l.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_ll.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_resc.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_size.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_str.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_time.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_tokens.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_tv.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_fn_unkn.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: attr_func.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libattr: test
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libcmds: lib_cmds.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libcmds: test
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libcsv: csv.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libcsv: test
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libdis: test
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libifl: test
Only in trunk/src/lib/Liblog: pbs_messages.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Liblog: test
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libnet: test
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libsite: lib_site.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libsite: test
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libutils: lib_utils.h
Only in trunk/src/lib/Libutils: test
Only in trunk/src/momctl: momctl.h
Only in trunk/src/momctl: test
Only in trunk/src/resmom: cray_cpa.h
Only in trunk/src/resmom/linux: test
Only in trunk/src/resmom: mom_inter.h
Only in trunk/src/resmom: mom_job_func.h
Only in trunk/src/resmom: mom_process_request.h
Only in trunk/src/resmom: mom_req_quejob.h
Only in trunk/src/resmom: pbs_demux.h
Only in trunk/src/resmom: requests.h
Only in trunk/src/resmom: start_exec.h
Only in trunk/src/resmom: test
Only in trunk/src/resmom: tmsock_recov.h
Only in trunk/src/server: accounting.h
Only in trunk/src/server: array_upgrade.h
Only in trunk/src/server: attr_recov.h
Only in trunk/src/server: dis_read.h
Only in trunk/src/server: geteusernam.h
Only in trunk/src/server: job_qs_upgrade.h
Only in trunk/src/server: job_recov.h
Only in trunk/src/server: job_recycler.h
Only in trunk/src/server: job_route.h
Only in trunk/src/server: process_request.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_deletearray.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_delete.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_getcred.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_gpuctrl.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_holdarray.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_locate.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_message.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_movejob.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_quejob.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_register.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_rerun.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_rescq.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_runjob.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_select.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_shutdown.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_signal.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_stat.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_tokens.h
Only in trunk/src/server: req_track.h
Only in trunk/src/server: resc_def_all.h
Only in trunk/src/server: run_sched.h
Only in trunk/src/server: stat_job.h
Only in trunk/src/server: svr_chk_owner.h
Only in trunk/src/server: svr_format_job.h
Only in trunk/src/server: svr_func.h
Only in trunk/src/server: svr_mail.h
Only in trunk/src/server: svr_movejob.h
Only in trunk/src/server: svr_process_request.h
Only in trunk/src/server: svr_recov.h
Only in trunk/src/server: svr_resccost.h
Only in trunk/src/server: svr_task.h
Only in trunk/src/server: test
Only in trunk/src/tools: chk_tree.h
Only in trunk/src/tools: hostn.h
Only in trunk/src/tools: pbsTclInit.h
Only in trunk/src/tools: pbsTkInit.h
Only in trunk/src/tools: printjob.h
Only in trunk/src/tools: printserverdb.h
Only in trunk/src/tools: printtracking.h
Only in trunk/src/tools: test
Only in trunk: t
Only in torque-4.0.0-snap.26656snapstamp: torque.spec
Only in trunk: torque.test

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