[torquedev] Build 5016 Not Building

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Wed Aug 31 13:51:03 MDT 2011

On Wednesday, 31 August 2011, at 10:49:18 (-0600),
Ken Nielson wrote:

> > At first glance this looks like __USE_UNIX98 not being defined, but I
> > haven't yet tracked back to see why that might be.
> I had the same problem on one of my systems yesterday. I blew away
> the build I had and started over from scratch and unfortunately the
> problem went away. I am not suggesting you do that. To accommodate
> the PTHREAD_MUTEX_ERRORCHECK (which will probably go away in
> production code) we added the AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS macro to
> configure.ac. It fixed the problem here but there is something about
> different builds that causes problems.
> Any suggestions from anyone?

__USE_UNIX98 represents SUSv2.  This support is activated via
_XOPEN_SOURCE being defined to 500 or greater.  Defining _GNU_SOURCE
will activate this feature set as well (by setting _XOPEN_SOURCE to


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