[torquedev] Environment variable for PBS script name ?

Gareth.Williams at csiro.au Gareth.Williams at csiro.au
Wed Aug 31 01:15:14 MDT 2011

> Hi folks,
> Another request from a different user this time, they
> wanted to know if there was an environment variable that
> could be set with the full path of the script that was
> sent via qsub.
> Again, sounds reasonable to me - thoughts ?
> cheers,
> Chris

It's probably not a great idea. :-) The file will not necessarily stay the same and there might not even be a file. The information is sort of already available ($PBS_O_WORKDIR, PBS_O_HOST) $0 is the spooled script which is what matters.

While the job is running, qstat -f has 'submit_args' including the path/to/script but that's not readily accessible afterward.

I guess there is no hard in making the information more readily available for completeness - say in PBS_O_ARGS

I presume the job could also be submitted from a bespoke client conforming to the API...

- Gareth

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