[torquedev] Release Candidate for TORQUE 2.5.8

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Mon Aug 22 23:54:39 MDT 2011

On Aug 22, 2011 8:17 PM, "Christopher Samuel" <samuel at unimelb.edu.au> wrote:

> It appears that it might have crept in with SVN revision
> 4385 (git hash 798b12e822079126abce273c3f43dd39a2c7faa7 for
> those using a git svn clone like me).

I don't think it "crept in."  It was a conscious choice.

The problem with the "fix all warnings" theory is that it's not possible to
do.  While you may fix all the warnings with your particular set of flags,
nothing is done to suppress other warning flags that might be set (in
CFLAGS, for example), possibly even from the environment, and then builds
inexplicibly fail by default for unsuspecting users.

The -Werror flag is a developers' tool.  I agree completely that developers
should turn on warnings; in fact, my default CFLAGS does exactly that.  (And
TORQUE failed to build as a result for many years.  While it may have built
without *your* warnings, it never built without warnings.)  But that's
developer-specific, and turning something on by default in
configure.acaffects *users*, not just developers.  Why inflict build
failures on those
who can't fix them?


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