[torquedev] [Bug 80] qsub: illegal -W value

Ramon Bastiaans ramon.bastiaans at sara.nl
Thu Sep 16 07:29:13 MDT 2010

  And in the process breaking something that has always worked fine. Why 
not accept both syntax for backwards compatibility?

Changing syntax seems like a major change to me, not something you 
should change without notice in a minor release.

Especially for such an old and widely used syntax as the #PBS 
directives, upon which many portals, middleware and other software have 
been written.

- Ramon.

On 09/15/2010 04:56 PM, bugzilla-daemon at supercluster.org wrote:
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> dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com changed:
>             What    |Removed                     |Added
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                   CC|                            |dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com
> --- Comment #2 from dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com 2010-09-15 08:56:43 MDT ---
> The problem here is that we are trying to create a coherent syntax for the -W
> option. In the man page it states:
> The -W option allows for the specification of additional job attributes.  The
> general syntax of the -W is in the form:
>    -W attr_name=attr_value[,attr_name=attr_value...]
> However, for certain options, like the dependency_list, the man page instructs
> people to write a comma separated list. We need a coherent syntax for this
> option, and so the resolution is to encase any values that contain commas in
> quotes. I am sorry for the inconvenience here, but we are just resolving an
> inconsistency in TORQUE.

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