[torquedev] TORQUE 2.5.2 released

Ken Nielson knielson at adaptivecomputing.com
Fri Sep 3 12:21:08 MDT 2010

We are pleased to announce the release of TORQUE 2.5.2.

You can download the latest version at 

We have not yet updated our website with the changes. However, following 
is a list of changes for 2.5.2. We will update our site as soon as possible.

   e - Allow the nodes file to use the syntax node[0-100] in the name to
       create identical nodes with names node0, node1, ..., node100.
       (also node[000-100] => node000, node001, ... node100)
   b - fix support of the 'procs' functionality for qsub.
   b - remove square brackets [] from job and default stdout/stderr 
       for job arrays (fixes conflict with some non-bash shells)
   n - fix build system so README.array_changes is included in tar.gz 
file made
       with "make dist"
   n - fix build system so contrib/pbsweb-lite-0.95.tar.gz, contrib/qpool.gz
       and contrib/README.pbstools are included the the tar.gz file made
       with "make dist"
   c - fixed crash when moving the job to a different queue (bugzilla 73)
   e - Modified buildutils/pbs_mkdirs.in to create server_priv/nodes file
       at install time. The file only shows examples and a link to the
       TORQUE documentation. This enhancement was first committed to trunk.
   c - fix pbs_server crash from invalid qsub -t argument
   b - fix so blcr checkpoint jobs work correctly when put on hold
   b - fixed bugzilla #75 where pbs_server would segfault with a double 
free when
       calling qalter on a running job or job array.
   e - Changed free_br back to its original form and modifed 
       to make a copy of the rq_extend element which will be freed in
   b - fix condition where job array "template" may not get cleaned up 
       after a server restart
   b - fix to get new pagg ID and add additional CSA records when 
restarting from
   e - added documentation for pbs_alterjob_async(), pbs_checkpointjob(),
       pbs_fbserver(), pbs_get_server_list() and pbs_sigjobasync().
   b - Commited patch from Eygene Ryanbinkin to fix bug 61. /dev/null would
       under some circumstances have its permissions modified when jobs 
       on a compute node.
   b - only clear the mom state when actually running the health check 
   e - allow input of walltime in the format of [DD]:HH:MM:SS
   b - Fix so BLCR checkpoint files get copied to server on qchkpt and 

Thanks to everyone who has helped with this release.

Ken Nielson
Adaptive Computing
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